Born in Barcelona in 1970

Ingeniero Industrial Superior at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Masters in Product Creation and Development

Giving classes to Industrial Design in Escuela Elisava

Collaborating with ceramic artist Jordi Serra and creating a line together where iron and ceramic converse

Presenting to diverse sculpturing competitions at the Bienales de Arte Contemporáneo, which have been chosen and occasionally win

Exhibits and participates at Bienales for sculpting at various locations, such as Esmalte in Georgia, Valladolid, Torelló, in the Facultu of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona, in the bookshop of Arte Martínez Pérez of Barcelona, in the Civic Centre of Fort Pienc in Barcelona, in the Casa Elizalde of Barcelona, in the Cultureal Centre of Sant Hilari de Sacalm (Girona), in the Museo Comarcal de la Garrotxa (Olot, Girona), and in the Galeria Loes & Reinier (Deventer, Holland)

His work is exhibited at the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Barcelona, the public gardens Vicenç Pujol de Torelló (Osona, Barcelona) and the Creation Space of Copenhagen (Dinamarca), in addition to privately owned works.

Together with the interior designer Jaime Morgador Durán, he has created diverse decorative functional objects, some of which are exhibited temporarily in public spaces in Barcelona.

Design and creation of objects for various artistic areas, used in sets for dance and theatre.



March Exposition "Encantadas-Pop Art Store" with other artists. Barcelona

May Exposition Centre Cívic Celrà with Labela. Girona

June-July Itinerant expositions "Escapart Empordà" inside the programme of concerts "Í-taca: cultura i acció". Girona


February Exposition "El espacio como materia". El Hospici – Museo Comarcal de la Garrotxa, Girona.


December Exposition “Dialogos with Ceramics”, in conjunction with Jordi Serra. Deventer Gallery, Holland.
September Exposition “Tri-mensions”. Cultural Centre of Sant Hilari Sacalm
May Premio Escola d’Arts Plàstiques de Torelló in the Torelló Sculpture Competition with his work “La semilla del conocimiento” (“The seed of knowledge”), permanently exhibited in the public gardens Vicenç Pujol in Barcelona.


November Exposition "Di-mencions". Casa Elizalde, Barcelona.
November Collective Exposition "Del Barro al LED". Centro Fort Pienc, Barcelona


September Exposition "Entre Dimensions". Centro Fort Pienc, Barcelona
April Exposition en la 5ª Feria de Forja y Hierro de Besalú, Girona, with "Esfera Elipsada".


July Exposition "Piedra, Cerámica y Madera". Librería de Arte Martínez-Pérez, Barcelona.
May Participación 3er Concurso "Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes" with "Dits Entre Pits".
April Exposition "Espacio entre Dimensiones". Faculty of Philosophy UB, by CCCB, Barcelona.


March Bienal de Escultura, Valladolid with "Anagrama del Espacio I y II".


October Selected work in the Second International Enamel Biennale “New Wave”, Exposición Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilis, Georgia, with "Puru" created together with enamel artista LaBeLa.
September Participation in the Sculpting Competition "Plaça de les Casernes", Ayuntamiento de Vilanova i la Geltrú with the work “Barutja I”.